Aloe Vera, the plant and its applications in phytotherapy and phytocosmetics

Aloe vera or Sabila. It is a perennial plant of the lily family that can reach up to 3 min Height. They are plants that adapt very well to dry environments. This characteristic makes it manufacture liquids or gels inside. This plant has a short stem, large and very thick fleshy leaves.

Straight and rounded at the base of the leaves where there are filled conducting vessels of a dark honey yellow latex and its taste is very bitter.
On the one hand, the leaves are used, which is the mucilaginous portion of the tissue parenchyma called gel. When the crude gel is extracted, it stabilizes in order to preserve all its components.

It is the most appreciated part of the plant from a cosmetic point of view since in phytocosmetics its effects are wonderful.

Plants most exposed to the sun make less pulp but more latex. Plants have to be 4-5 years old to contain good raw material. The juice is also used when you want to use aloe for medicinal purposes. The lower leaves will be chosen, which are usually older and the richest in the active principles It is not advisable to water the plants the five days prior to cutting at effects of better concentrating its active components. The cut is made after flowering to prevent the loss of latex when cutting the leaves they should be cut at the base near the stem.

In ancient times and especially in Egypt a Long-Lived Elixir was made with aloe juice content. Data on the use of Aloe Vera were found in the Ebers papyrus. Drawings of aloe were also found in the tombs of the pharaohs. In the Bible it appears in some mentions like the following … perfumed my camera with myrrh lináloes and cinnamon … “

Dermatological action

The application of the extract in the form of a gel promotes the regeneration of the skin, this being extremely important fact. It has been used successfully in skin diseases, including viral ones Some experiences have recommended the use of aloe extract in cases of eczema and Psoriasis. Has been shown to protect the skin from x-ray damage. It is detoxifying, circulatory stimulant and the use of the extract has shown effects beneficial for patients suffering from respiratory problems. It also has the possibility of being used as an anti-infective stimulates the immune system.

Repairs the skin, prevents damage caused by excess sun.

Prevents the early appearance of wrinkles and strengthens the dermis, while improving the health and appearance, Universo Garden Angels products are made from Aloe Vera, they have a high concentration and they are recommended for this time when we are more exposed to the effects of the sun.

For the face, neck and body.

An ally for the summer that will allow us to feel fresh, protected and vital at the same time.

Post written by Dra Gabriela Paz

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