Believe in love again

Special fragrance with a message to heal the heart and connect us with the force of love.

Its formula is fundamentally created with Rose, Essential Oil
The rose is the queen of the flowers
Orientals have professed a special taste for ROSE

Avicenna made his first experiments with Rosa Centifolia (Gul sad berk)
“The flower with a hundred petals … that opens when the dew falls …”
It is used as a great antidepressant.
Releases anguish and discomfort located in the heart chakra.
Raises the spirit, cleanses and transmutes.
To treat mental fatigue, addictions and calm anger.
For dry skin, or with broken capillaries.
Aphrodisiac and stimulating.
It helps to overcome sadness and gives us strength to give love back shine in life.

Through the smell and the skin, its effect is enriched in the Aromacolorterapia Fragrance with the flower essence Bleeding Heart

Its effect is to feel full and vibrant to let love enter in life, releasing old sorrows and disappointments.

Connect with the force of the fragrance, Eau de Toilette Intense and with positive affirmation, you will feel ready to receive new love or revitalize the love of your live

Tips to activate love

Love is pink, soft and sweet. Love yourself and you will be loved.
A rose is the flower of love, it has the secret of softness and passion.
Loving is a miracle that heals all wounds.
Immerse yourself in the color pink, flood your senses with heavenly fragrances and you will see your hope reborn.

Love every day, I received with joy the gift of the present.
Be gentle with your heart, give it love and you will receive love.

Create a bridge of roses to reach your paradise.

Post written by Dra Gabriela Paz

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