Daily routines for good health

Daily program is called Dinachariya. This program was created thousands of years ago and today offers guidelines for a healthy and harmonious life. Try to wake up before sunrise. Failing that, as early as you can and gradually you will be able to do better and better.

In countries like India or China or Japan, it is generally accepted that it is better for bodily functions to take place earlier in the day.

It is recommended to get up at 6 o’clock in both summer and winter. Before getting up, spend a few minutes planning your day and thinking about what you want to achieve.

After waking up, clean your eyes, nose, mouth and scraping your tongue with a scraper, in health food stores they sell them. If the tongue has a film on it, it will not be able to taste food. Brush your teeth with a natural paste and gargle with salts or an herbal preparation.

Even if you make an infusion of tea or a herbal tea with Chamomile, reserve a small amount to swish or gargle, cleaning the oral cavity.

Drink a glass of water to activate the bladder and bowel emptying mechanism. The water has to be at a natural temperature, never cold. A bath or shower is recommended. It is important to wash the body using the Ayurvedic idea which believes that cleansing is close to divinity.

After bathing, you can apply Ayurvedic oil and massage the body and head with a special oil that can prevent diseases.

You can use Jojoba Oil on your body, a few drops in the hands is enough. Also prepare based on Almond Oil and a personal oil with Pure Lavender Essential Oil from Universo Garden Angels.

In 30 cm3 bottle of Almond Oil, place 20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil. You can apply it to your body directly or add a few drops to your body cream. You will start the day in a different way and protecting your emotions and vital energy.

Post written by Dra Gabriela Paz

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