Energetic cleansing and good health

Room Fragrance.

“The purpose of being is to love and be loved. Living without spiritual values ​​creates such a state of imbalance that every cell of our being cries out to correct it.” Dr. Chopra.

When Autumn arrives, Nature is renewed, the same happens in Spring.
We are part of that Nature with our whole being: emotions, physical body and vital energy.
Renewing is a fundamental aspect of our life, such is its importance that if we do not realize that need, different blockages and even diseases will appear.
Everything is energy, and as such, energy is transformed all the time.
Our Kit Alquímico proposes integral cleansing of the body, mind and emotions.

Ritual of Prosperity.
We accompany the application of the Environmental Harmonizing Aromatizer with Creative Visualization. Prosperity Room Fragance
Visualizing is creating mental images of what you want. We all permanently
visualize, as we think in the form of ideas or images.
The brain does not question the veracity of these images. In fact, if we think about food when it comes to eating, the digestive system will secrete digestive juices.
If you want to connect with good health and prosperity, vaporize the environment with Prosperity Room Fragrance, so you can develop a very effective exercise to have more vitality, more health and more material prosperity.

Prosperity contains essential oils: Patchouli, Vetiver and Ginger Vetiver
Vetiver: stimulates physical strength
Patchouli: helps to organize the system of ideas, allowing to focus, in addition, it is very stimulating.
Ginger: Gives vitality and strengthens enthusiasm to activate willpower and energy.

The exercise:
Vaporize in your space, before beginning the visualization exercise. Connect with the intention of what you want to achieve, play calm and pleasant
music, let go of difficulties and close the phone so there are no interruptions.


First place in the Room Fragrance Prosperity space, while you are connecting with the achievements that you would like to materialize.
Second, find a place where you feel serene and calm.
Third, take a series of breaths, taking air through the nose for a count of 3, hold for a count of 3, exhale for a count of 3 Fourth step: imagine what you would like to achieve, they are images in your mind, which have great strength, put all the details you can, even record the physical sensations that appear.
That image will clear your mind of negativity, each negative image that comes to your consciousness, transform it with a new image, that is, just give more importance to your new creation.
Enjoy the process.
When you finish, just think of gratitude for what is to come. I went all over your house vaporizing with Prosperity immediately. With the vibrations achieved, its effect will be enhanced.

Post written by Dra Gabriela Paz

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