Energy and protection for spaces and to feel good

To think about what we offer from Aromacolorterapia to balance body, emotions and environments, we have to consider fundamental aspects.

First, we think that the most important thing is to maintain harmony with natural resources, second, we use top quality raw materials and third, we take care of people and the environment. Energy is the force necessary to make a job. 

Our vital energy has the job of maintaining  the life and health. Everything that exists in the world is energy. Thoughts are pure energy. Thoughts create reality.

If a person thinks about diseases all the time, he can finally generate a predisposition to create that disease. If you think abundantly, joyfully and lovingly, you can finally create those conditions in your life as well. If we are negative and with ideas of failure, it will be very difficult to succeed in life.

In difficult times, like today, it is essential to get out of negativity.

Ruda and Canela is the best option to our environments, in order to activate energy of movement, abundance and harmony.

Imagine thoughts as vibrations that fly around us. Let’s imagine the negative thoughts permeating our house … but let’s also imagine now the aroma generating beautiful vibrations and the flower essences that the product contains vibrating throughout our house.

Let me remember the formula:

Cinnamon essential oil, beautiful, intense and spicy aroma.

The flower essences: Ruda that cleans the spaces, Lavender: that gives us tranquility, Mint that cleans all kinds of impurities and Dama de Noche the flower that gives light and serenity

Use it at home and in business, specially when difficulties and obstacles arise. Place it in strategic places, vaporize at the entrance of your home, shop or office.

It will be a magnet of good fortune, good energy and harmony.

All environmental harmonizing flavors are antiseptic, for its high content of pure essential oils.

Post written by Dr. Gabriela Paz

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