Kit Alquímico for wellness, health and renewal.

Three proposals to clean, renew and activate energy in life and at home. Rituals and simple actions. Intentions that will give us the necessary strength to unfold our maximum potential. Taking care of the house, the vibration of the spaces and thus, we will vibrate high.

They will illuminate our home with the aromas and flower essences present in the three products of the Kit.

Rue and Cinnamon – 7 Archangels – Prosperity.

In this note we will see in detail Ruda y Canela. We will begin by vaporizing the space, the Aromatizer and Harmonizer, with its wonderful perfume, impregnating every corner with its qualities and vibrations. When a process, a path or an activity in development stops, the word stagnation arises. All roads have obstacles and moments of greater fluidity.
If we maintain firmness in our intentions and place seeds in a fertile field, we will be sowing possibilities so that at the right moment, the dreams and desires of the heart flourish.
Aromacolorterapia is a solution and a stimulus to open ourselves towards creativity and inspiration.
Let´s use aromas to get out of stagnation and pessimism.

Ruda y Canela is an excellent combination to place in our environments. It allows you to activate the energy of movement, abundance and confidence.

Let’s imagine thoughts as vibrations that fly around us.
Let’s imagine the negative thoughts permeating our house … but let’s also imagine now the aroma generating beautiful vibrations and the flower essences that the product contains vibrating throughout our house.

Cinnamon essential oil, a totally original aroma.
Used by magicians in old Europe to create money, to give material sustenance to desires.
Cunningham described in his book “Magic Aromatherapy” as the aroma of materialization.
Among the flower essences we have Ruda, which is a find by the Flower Essence Society of California. In their research they found that the floral essence of Ruda cleans the spaces of all kinds of negativity by activating the protective vibrations of the feelings linked to love.

Essences combined in its formula: Lavender: which gives us peace of mind, Mint that cleanses all kinds of impurities and Lady of the Night that gives light to all kinds of darkness.
Use it at home and in business, especially when there are stagnations. Place it in strategic places, vaporizing at the entrance of your home or business.
It generates movement, energetic cleansing and liberation of negativity.

Post written by Dra Gabriela Paz

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