Lily of the Valley: Eternal Beauty

Floral harmony are the products that connects us with the values ​​of the soul. With this proposal we give a new impulse to the feminine to express true beauty, Its floral energies and its essential oil give the sensory fragrance the ideal aroma to always be vital, young and beautiful. Bold and full of energy.

Let’s look at the natural floral and aromatic formula.

Flower Essences: Fawn Lily and Tiger Lily

These two varieties of Lilaceae help women to get out of shyness and encourage them to move freely in the world.

Fawn Lily: allows us to express the deepest feelings that make us beings as sensitive as they are vulnerable. It allows us, as women, to feel secure when asking for our emotional needs.

These flowers grow on the top of the mountains, near natural springs of water, they are considered carriers of secrets and vitality.

Tiger Lily: helps to balance feelings and attitudes, allowing to moderate the reactions that we sometimes express, especially when we are silent for a long time.

It is a habitual attitude of the feminine world, to save complex sensations or feelings, for fear of creating conflicts.

Tigre Lily is ideal to express emotional needs and dissolve all anger.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is an aphrodisiac and antidepressant.

Calms fears and gives us security.

Its beautiful aroma is very attractive, being the essential oil preferred by French perfumers to make the best fragrances.

It is the most beautiful proposal for women and mothers of all ages, to feel good, with vitality and renewal.

Post written by Dr. Gabriela Paz

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