Meet Gabriela Paz, the scientific advisor for our products

Psychiatric doctor. Scientific and Technical Advisor at Universo Garden Angels

Hello! I am a doctor, graduated from the National University of La Plata. I have not stopped studying medicine and different forms of treatments to help people feel good in a holistic way. I studied Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Floral medicine, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and I am a Tea Sommelier, among other activities. Facilitator of meditative techniques. I practice Yoga, Meditation and I am a vegetarian. I drink tea every day and also, like a good Argentine, mate.

Well-being is a right, as Dr Bach said, which needs to be at the service of all. I am a Scientific Advisor for Universo Garden Angels. The idea is to combine cosmetics in an intelligent way, to seek emotional and physical well-being with products that help to be well in a simple way.

The key is in our mind. Stress is necessary to live, a resource we have to stay alert to danger and prepare the body to face an action or effort. We live in a world that does not allow us to have a break, Western society is all at the same time, a challenge. Those states must be mitigated. Stress is natural but sometimes it leads to pathological stress. There are ways around it.

1) Breathe: Conscious breathing leads us to relaxation, many times we forget to use this fundamental resource, oxygen is an energy support. Breathing must be abdominal to be deep.

Close your eyes, focus on your breath, remember that the present tense is the only real moment. Inhale in three beats, hold in three beats, and exhale in three beats. Do it for a minute and you will notice the changes instantly. A minute of mindful breathing, a moment of calm.

2) Meditate: There are different meditations to lower stress, it can be repeating a mantra. By focusing the mind on a mantra and repeating it for 3-7 or 25 minutes our breathing enters a calm rhythm and sends a signal to the mind that there is no danger. We must learn that our reality is not conditioned by something external. When the mind calms down, toxins are eliminated and even insomnia can be eliminated. It has nothing to do with spirituality, you don’t need to believe in anything in particular. In that state we find peace, serenity and harmony.

3) Hydrate and move: Many times stress presents itself as a headache. Sometimes we do not realize if we are still for a long time, or with the computers in the same position. That is why it is convenient for us to stop every so often, drink water to stay hydrated, be on the move so that the energy flows.

4) Express emotions: Emotions condition us. Anger, sadness, that one does not finish expressing, stays somewhere and can make us sick. Many times when we are children we are left with the feeling that we should not ask, or that we must hide what we feel. And as adults we face that.

It is then when tools appear for our mind to generate peace and tranquility, to connect with our essence and feelings.

5) Use of Natural Medicine and Essential Oils: Everything that is organic has a force that makes the body activate naturally. From the aromas at home or being in the middle of nature. Everything that is natural leads to the activity of the organism.

Essential oils are extracted from plants, from fruit peels, from flowers. Each one has a different color, aroma and effect. If we learn to place them in certain places, at certain times, they can help improve our emotional state and our health, and strengthen our immunity.

The olfactory nerve stimulus is the shortest we have, it goes directly to the brain and has three nerve terminals, the neurotransmitters produce a state of tranquility and relaxation.

The oils have such a powerful effect that when applied near the part of the body that has muscle aches or tension, they produce an improvement when entering and circulating through the body and balancing the energy centers, according to the blockage.

Through Chromotherapy, which is a therapy based on the vibration of colors, it helps to reactivate the immune system and promote healing from the inside. Colors act on the physical and on the emotions.

Cold colors are used to calm states of anger. If you are stressed you will choose purple or blue. If it is stress is affective, the color pink is appropriate.

There are also visualization exercises that are very useful for these cases, in chromatic breathing, when we take in air we have to think of the color blue, when we exhale, we do it in orange.

With a good massage, a moment of relaxation during the bath, or simply smelling an essential oil, our mind can better connect with feelings.

What are they used for…?

Eucalyptus, linden, rosemary, lemon balm: they are physiological tranquilizers.

Lavender: it is healing, it is used in scars and it is a natural relaxant, it is recommended in states of nervousness and insomnia.

Tea Tree: It is antiseptic, antiviral, analgesic and healing. It is used to treat different types of herpes.

Mint: its aroma is refreshing, serves to open the airways and stimulates the appetite.

Nerolí – Works to treat stress, is antidepressant, and is considered a cell regenerator.

Finally I recommend the movement of the body and maintaining the bonds are important ingredients for a happy life. As simple, and as complex as that.

Some lines that tell you about me:

Psychotherapist specialist in Natural Medicine, Floral Medicine, Homeopathy and Ayurveda, graduated from the National University of La Plata with a Post Graduate Degree in Ayurveda from the UBA and the Ayurveda Prema Health Foundation. Bach practitioner and attended Ayurveda courses at the California School of Ayurveda and Homeopathy for professionals at the European Academy of Naturopathy in Malaga, Spain. Tea Sommelier graduated from the Argentine Tea School. Designer of tea blends, Specialist in Protocol and Ceremonial. Kundalini Yoga Instructor

A big hug!

Dr. Gabriela Paz

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