Mirra & Incienso. Room Fragance

The word Ho’oponopono means “to correct a mistake.”The purpose is to bring peace and balance simply and effectively through mental and physical cleansing, through a process of healing, reconciliation and forgiveness.

The first time I heard anything about Ho ‘oponopono was in my office. I had lost my agenda and for that reason I could not give a new appointment to the patient who was finishing her consultation. I explained the situation to her and told her that I would call her in the following days, hoping to be able to reassemble the schedule of shifts and activities, trusting my memory. When the woman left, she asked me if she knew the Ho’oponopono technique and she advised me to repeat the words “I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you, light switch.”

As I closed the door, obviously, I began to mentally repeat those words. Then my mind settled down and I continued working.

Without stopping repeating between one consultation and another that kind of mantra that forms the basis of this technique. Incredibly, they returned the agenda that I had left in a taxi. But the most important thing for me was the peace of mind and calm that I achieved by reciting these words.

The next day I began to investigate this wonderful knowledge. I discovered that it is a technique used by the original people of Hawaii, spread by word of mouth, and rescued by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, creator of the Self-Identity system through Ho’oponopono.

In Ho’oponopono we talk about “cleaning”. Cleaning means that when a problem appears, we are willing to take 100% responsibility (no fault).

Agree to say “sorry” “forgive me” “thank you” “I love you”. Cleaning is a request to the higher energy to correct past mistakes. It is a way to give you permission to delete what does not work and we are ready to drop.

Many tools are known to erase the programs that repeat in our mind. The most important are “thank you and I love you”. Cleaning is very easy. It is so easy that it is difficult for your intellect to understand that just by mentally repeating “I love you” or “Thank you”, you are really cleaning.

Myrrh and frankincense. Mirra & Incienso Room Fragance

The Aromatizer, environmental harmonizer, Room Fragrance, is an excellent product to use in cleaning negative energies, thanks to the strength of its essential oils and flower essences.

Myrrh is purifying, lifts the spirit and brings peace.
Incense releases all negativity, it also helps the breathing to be slow and deep, in such a way that it generates tranquility.

They give the atmosphere a special, sacred and protective aroma.
Among its flower essences, Dama de Noche stands out, whose metaphor is Light in Darkness, referring those words to its effect.

Ho´ oponopono plus Myrrh and Incense.

Vaporize your home while repeating the words, sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you while placing the wonderful aroma in every corner.

Then take a few seconds to mentally or verbally repeat three times "I am the light, the light is in me, in my house and in my world"

You will see the positive changes that are going to be noticed if you do it for 7 days once or twice a day

Post written by Dra Gabriela Paz

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