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Universe Garden Angels is the first cosmetic for emotional and physical well-being. One of the bases of its emotional effects is due to the presence of Flower Essences and Vibrational Elixirs as the main components of our products. We use the essences of Dr Bach, California, New Generation and other systems. The Glossary will allow you to discover the benefits of the Essences and will guide you to choose the product you need the most to be well.

Get to know the ingredients of our products


It's from the California system. For moments of insecurity and fear. When it is necessary to trust and be calm. Provides support and tranquility.


It's from the California system. To overcome moments of loss or to elaborate traumatic situations in the emotional area.

Califonia Poppy

It's from the California system. To stop looking for values ​​and interest in the environment and learn that true gold is in the heart. For those who waste energy in the search for happiness without realizing that true happiness is found within the soul.


It's from the Bach system. For people who doubt their own judgment and constantly ask what to do. Helps to listen to inner wisdom.

Cestrum nocturnum

Developed in the group of Mediterranean flowers. His description is linked to a metaphor: "it brings light in the dark." Clean physical spaces of negativity. To overcome insecurity for fear of dark feelings or ideas of being harmed.


It's from the Bach System. For those who are distracted and have a hard time stepping on the ground, dreamy and sleepy people. Lets stay connected and be creative in demonstrations. For kids who are "over the moon" at school or adults who can't concentrate.


It's from the Bach system. To perform internal cleansing, overcome feelings such as shame and shyness. To clear the mental field of ideas that overwhelm. It is a floral antibiotic and is very useful as a skin cleanser.


It is a New Generation essence. It helps us feel safe and complete at all times of life. Stimulates vitality to overcome difficulties.

Easter Lilly

It's from the New Generation system. For insecure women with low self-esteem. For people who find sexual delivery difficult, especially in women who are inhibited in sexuality or find it difficult to integrate that aspect into their lives.

Elixir of Amethyst

It is an essence of Gemotherapy. It opens the perceptual capacity, for those who are mentally tired and find it difficult to trust their intuition.

Elixir of Black Tourmaline

It is an essence of gem therapy. It absorbs all kinds of negativity or destructive energy, in all areas.

Elixir of Chrysocolla

It is an essence of gem therapy. Works on the cardiac chakra, helping to have self-confidence, improves self-esteem and the communication of feelings.

Elixir of Citrine

It is an essence of Gemotherapy. Protects the solar plexus by giving willpower.

Elixir of Emerald

It is an essence of gem therapy. It brings strength to trust your own personal worth. The key word is self-esteem.

Elixir of Quartz

It is an essence of gem therapy. It links all the energy centers together. Provides balance and integrity. Provides warmth and protects the heart chakra. It allows to let go of attachments and frees us from states such as anger or jealousy. It is an essence that softens the character.


It's from the California system. Helps boost sexual desire. For non-existent sexual life, sexual reluctance or lack of passion and desire, even if there is love. For couples who need to re-find the desire for exploration, sleepy or bored partners.


It is a California flower. For people who postpone everything for tomorrow, it is useful to treat states of fatigue or lack of enthusiasm, especially when waking up.


It's from the California system. For those who lack creativity.


It is characterized by its shiny gold color and its thick and easily absorbed texture. It contains wonderful nutrients for skin and hair health, which is why it is used in the production of natural cosmetic products.


Help those who feel restless and tense. Promotes inner peace.


It is a California flower, for those who have trouble concentrating, and are easily dispersed. It also helps to find direction or goals in life, for people who change their plans all the time and who do not achieve any.


It's from the New Generation system. For those who feel shame or inhibitions related to the body. For people who give too much importance to the intellect or spirituality, forgetting the needs of the physical body. The metaphor that defines it is "the temple of the spirit is the body." For those who do not give importance to their physical needs, forgetting the pleasures of the body as well as good health. Lets accept pleasure.


It's Yarrow in California. It provides strength and protects like a shield to the body, mind and energy of a person or the environment where it is.


It's from the Bach system. It is used to treat depressions due to lack of vitality. They are called endogenous depressions. For the dark moments of the soul. It is a general hormonal stimulus.


The flower of changes and moments of transition. It produces independence and helps in moments of renewal. It allows for independence in the field of ideas, for people who are influenced by the opinions of others and find it difficult to trust their intellectual creations or their own decisions. When it is necessary to make a cut, this flower is indicated.

Orchids from 3 Continents

They are flowers developed by Andreas Korte, from the German system. Orchids elevate the human being, connect with higher consciousness, bring confidence, fulfillment and spiritual connection.

Passion Flower

It's from California. Serene and confident. It connects us to the higher source of unconditional or altruistic love.

Rescue Remedy

It is a combined essence created by Dr Edward Bach. For moments of great tension or emergencies. It helps to maintain balance and be in the center.

Rock Rose

It is an essence of Bach. It is ideal for overcoming states of fear and panic. The flower brings calm and courage. We are able to forget fear and regain courage.


It's from the New Generation system. For people who find it difficult to be active and for moments of decline.


Developed within the flowers of the Mediterranean, it is also made in Patagonia. For those who fear being attacked by others, in the energy area. Helps to be safe and protected from electromagnetism that could be harmful

Saint Johns Wort

It is an essence of the California and New system Generation. Clear the mind of all kinds of fears. It helps a good rest, especially when it is due to restlessness due to nightmares or tension.


It's from California. Increases self-healing processes, activating the inner doctor.


It's from California. It gives spiritual strength, openness and confidence in life, especially in people with a lack of orientation due to the absence of the father figure. To connect with self-esteem.

Violet Blue

It's from the New Generation system. Help those who are shy and find it difficult to bond. The key word is self-esteem. For those who by shyness isolate themselves and do not participate in the world. It acts on self-esteem and personal security, brings confidence.


It is a New Generation flower. Provides vitality and stimulates good humor. The floral essence of Zinnia works on laughter and humor. Laughter is not a simple act of our lips, it is liberating. When we laugh, we release a hormone called beta-endorphin from the brain, which carries a positive message to the mind.

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