Lily of the Valley Sensorial Fragrance

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The fresh aroma of Lilies of the Valley evokes romantic moments, where eternal beauty is the protagonist.


• Promotes the opening of the soul
• Reconnect with love
• Antidepressant

How to use

Apply directly to the skin of the neck and wrists.


Contains: Floral Essence of Gardenia and Iris. Rose Essential Oil. Its main Natural Assets include Aloe Vera.

Olfactory Note

Lilies of the Valley, Violet, Jasmine and Gardenia.

The fresh aroma of Lilies of the Valley evokes romantic moments, where eternal beauty is the protagonist. Promotes the opening of the soul. Reconnect with love. Antidepressant.

Floral Collections

Lily of the Valley

550 reviews for Lily of the Valley Sensorial Fragrance

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