Pure aromatherapy: healthy resources to overcome discomforts and strengthen your immunity

Aromatherapy is a very simple, pleasant and effective way to treat common problems or annoyances that all of us suffer at some point. Especially in difficult times, when the weather is not pleasant, especially in Autumn and Winter.

Also in stressful situations, which promote imbalance, a good aroma calms the emotions and gives strength to the body.

Pure Essential Oils are extracted from plants, from different parts: leaves, flowers, bark, roots and seeds. Its active principles are very powerful and benefit practically everyone. From its penetration through the smell and the skin, they reach the entire organism.

Smell impacts directly on the brain, where it stimulates the production of different neurotransmitters, according to their qualities: Melissa helps rest and is relaxing since it helps create a neurotransmitter called “physiological endovalium”.

Pure Aromatherapy

Thanks to the products in the line, you can easily overcome headaches, mitigate cold symptoms and even relax.

Headaches? Low defenses? Worries?

Migraless is the solution. It contains Rosemary which is stimulating, Melissa which is calming, Eucalyptus which is antiseptic and balances the emotions and Pine which gives strength.

Only applying to the temple, when tensions overwhelm us and we feel the pressure on our heads of worries or anguish.

Headaches are expressions of different emotional states, the ideas that disturb us, the worries that overwhelm us, finally bring that annoyance.

Apply it when the first symptoms begin, it can even be applied to the wrists or the soles of the feet. A plus is that the essential oils that compose it, reinforce immunity, which can be used as cold and flu preventives for the winter. Apply every day on the soles of the feet before going to sleep.

Stress? Tensions?

Lestress Balsam is the solution.

It contains Lavender which is a tranquilizer, Bergamot is an antidepressant, Geranium is a great balancing agent and Ginger which is a powerful energizer.

Apply it to the soles of the feet after bathing, on the wrists 4 times a day or simply smell its aroma from the bottle when you feel tension or realize that you are irritable or register distress.

It is also ideal for raising your life force, as it is a revitalizing formula.

Post written by Dr. Gabriela Paz

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