Reflection of Mónica Verdier at 20 years of Universo


Monica Verdier, creator of Universo Garden Angels shares her reflection in this celebration of two decades of emotional cosmetics.

This month, Universo Garden Angels is celebrating. We are in our early twenties! April is our anniversary month and this year, it is very special. As the creator of Universo Garden Angels, these two decades force me to take stock, and I can only tell you that I have learned a lot, both in the growth of this company and in my personal growth: nothing is separate, we are whole and each experience teaches and enriches. I always pursued peace, harmony and well-being for everyone and with that same philosophy, I created the Garden Angels Universe. 20 years ago there was no emotional cosmetics and my goal from the beginning was to create products that were a bridge to make people feel better. Today, two decades later, I can say with pride and with a joy that fills my heart, that we succeeded with success together with a great team and also thanks to those who are on the other side to receive what we do, to give and give each other love. with each of our products.

Thank you for all these years of being with us, of being faithful to the brand, of guiding us where to go. We always choose to move on, overcoming crises and seeing the opportunity in each of them. In times not so easy, the short way is to simplify and we never took it: we maintained the quality and the highest demands on our products, regardless of any circumstance. We bet on this country, we bet on you and with that energy, we move forward.

Twenty years have passed, it’s a long time! My daughters were girls, my life was different. Surely yours too. If I have learned something, it is that attitude is the only thing that will allow us to change things: everything happens. Crises are cyclical, everything comes and goes. We will always continue to give the best, creating innovative products, motivated to achieve what we dream of. Bet and create, from scratch, overcoming barriers; both in this company and in life, that is and will always be my engine.

In twenty years we have reached different parts of our country and transcended its borders, reaching international markets such as Korea, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Paraguay. The more people can use a cosmetic that does good to their emotions, that gives them a reason to feel better, we will be doing our bit to change the world.
And always remember, dear readers, that the world belongs to who dares.
I toast you for these wonderful 20 years and for much more to come.

Monica Verdier

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