We invite you to know the history behind our Universe

We are Mónica, Domi and Michi and we are part of this universe that 22 years ago we called the Garden Angels Universe; I discovered our history.

If even today many do not know the meaning of the term “aromacolourtherapy”, and many others observe female empowerment with prejudice, 22 years ago the outlook was more adverse, but Mónica Verdier never considered obstacles as impediments, this is how at that time, with three young daughters, created his universe: Universe Garden Angels.

Mónica had worked in the cosmetic industry, but decided to take a break from work to dedicate herself to motherhood; When Michelle, the youngest of the trio, was four years old, she thought it was time to go back, although her intention was not to develop a traditional brand, she was looking to add value.

“At a cosmetic fair that took place in Bologna, I met a Chinese aromatherapist and he explained to me the benefits that essential oils have for health, since they help balance the mind, the emotional and the physical,”says Mónica; so it was that he returned to Buenos Aires with that idea hovering in his head, but when he got here no one knew about it.

It occurred to her to contact a center that worked with aromatherapy and they put her in contact with Dr. Gabriela Paz, a psychiatrist and aromatherapist; thus the big bang of this universe was unleashed.

They developed a brand based on pure essential oils, which concentrate all the strength and benefits of different plants. When placed on the skin, they stimulate nerve cells and also penetrate through smell and thus reach the central nervous system. “I wanted to create products that worked on the emotional and psychic part of people and thus could change the emotion, make people happy,” explains Mónica.

Of course, as the phrase says, “everything has to do with everything”, that is why the power of plants had crept into the lives of Mónica and her three daughters a few years before: “I took them to a pediatrician that he gave me Bach Flowers, a bottle for each one, he indicated them to me to balance his emotions ”, he says.

The three sisters -Bárbara, who now lives in Spain, Dominique and Michelle- studied Social Communication and, each in their own time, joined the company; Although, in reality, defining the exact moment in which that happened is complicated, since the Garden Angels Universe was part of her day to day since she was little. “I remember being six years old and my mother asking me which window you like best, this or this other one? He always gave us confidence and made us feel that our opinion mattered,” says Michi.

Logically, the first who began to share an office, and not just a home, with Mónica was Barbara, the oldest. “When she joined we did a relaunch of the brand’s visual, of the packaging; then she went to study at Berkeley, in California, met a Spaniard and together they formed their family in Madrid ”, says Mónica.

Then Dominique joined; “When I entered, in 2010, we didn’t have Facebook yet, so I started to take care of the networks and the advertising,” and finally, Michi joined.

“Each one brought an important and different change to the company,”
says Mónica.

Are they similar when it comes to work?

Michi: Actually we are quite different, we have the same vision, but all three from a different place; Mom is very fiery, to go forward; Domi is super aesthetic …

Domi: Michi is more about thinking about the whole process, about having a 360 ° look, maybe we bring an idea and she takes it down, thinks about how to implement it, how to put that action to work.

Mónica: the truth is that we get along very well; the key is to respect each other’s times and ideas. I trust what they do because, first of all, I trust the strength of my daughters and, furthermore, they do things that I don’t know how to do.

What do you like best about working with your mom?

Michi: who supports us to display our creativity. It was also very inspiring to see her work since we were so little, we grew up with that model of mom; Now, for example, she could go to the office three times a week because she is the owner and she already has a stable, reliable team; However, she goes every day and with that attitude she shows me that projects keep you alive, they give you that fire you need to keep going. In addition, she does not dwell on the problem so much, if something happens, she says well “that’s it, it’s over, now let’s solve it and look forward.”

This positive attitude is also reflected in a custom that Mónica acquired, who is the object of Chicanas by her daughters: “Mom is a fan of sending you videos that she sees on YouTube about positivism, she sends you about 20 a day, and now she also receives them. send our partners, “says Michi between laughter (although Mónica clarifies that it is only” five or six “). “Before he sent them by email and since no one was looking at them he started sending them by WhatsApp, now we ask him to add one or two lines of description so that we have an idea of ​​what it is about,” adds Domi.

And on a personal level, what is the best teaching that Mónica gave you?

Michi: when she was 60 years old, each one gave her a photo with a message that she had transmitted to us, I wrote “Mom, you taught me never to give up”; Barbi put, “” Thank you for showing me the best example of being a mother “and Domi “thanks for helping me to be different”, that sums up a bit what we feel.

And what are your favorite Garden Angels Universe products?

Mónica: my favorite is the collection of the “7 archangels”, each one has a gift, Miguel, for example, protects you from negative energies and so each one. Also the sensory fragrance Ganesha, which attracts prosperity and fortune and helps resolve conflicts.

Michi: mine is Wahe Guru, from the mantra collection, which in Sanskrit means “the path from darkness to light”. Two years ago I did a Kundalini yoga teacher training and we used that mantra. My mother and my sister are not apathetic towards anything, so they came to a couple of classes and they liked it, there we came up with Wahe Guru, which is precisely to move from darkness to light and helps spiritual awareness.

Domi: I really like everything that has vanilla, which is combined with other essences and works a lot with self-pleasure, sensuality, and self-worth.

And to all this, how do the men in your life enter this universe?

Mónica: Armando, my husband, helped me a lot, since always; 22 years ago it was not so common for a man to support his wife in a business career, he always made things easier for me

Michi: Let’s say that neither of us is in a relationship with a yogi, which might be the most logical thing to do, she says with a laugh, but since we were little we saw how my father always banked my mother and her project, how he trusted her and today it happens with our partners the same.

ph: @angelespisani

note by: @paubande

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