7 Archangels, messengers of the soul

Angels and Archangels are deep forces of the soul and of being.

Opening ourselves to that relieving experience gives us strength and helps us overcome difficult,sad or distressing moments.

Many authors and thinkers have written about them, as expressions of light and good.

“They take care of my dreams, they are my allies and they help me each in their own way to give them shape, color and reality. I love angels, very especially… because They know how to distinguish what is the true splendor among so many other brilliance. That is why they do not let us settle for mediocre dreams or those lacking in beauty. That is why they present before our eyes magic visions and whisper in our ears messages of conquest and change.
I love you for having that certainty, so angelic, of knowing which is the best alternative, the most luminous every time, standing at a crossroads, we are disoriented and we hesitate about which way to choose. Its existence begins exactly at the limit where our rational and logical thinking ends, where our conventional and routine world ends. Passing that limit begins the surprise and astonishment. There it is possible to find them, subtle, light, with luminous faces and beautiful clothes. “
“I love angels, especially for having spread their wings to help me pass those rational boundaries and reach a place where one transforms and begins to have faith again. For this I had to master my greatest fear, that of being different. That fear was dissolving … Every time I let myself fall from discouragement, they held me with their wings. Every time I was disoriented, they whispered fantastic messages in my ears and left signs, to point me to the path of my dreams, so easy to lose. How not to love them after these experiences. “

Hania Czajkowski (Writer and researcher)

Carl Jung‘s contributions to psychology remain a starting point for understanding human behavior.
Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist, said “ the archetypes that have accompanied the human being as founding symbols of certain attitudes, forms and tendencies of attitudes or constructions of life.”
People are more than a physical body, we are energy and information, we have a mind and a soul, we know that there is more than what we see.
Almost all of us have spiritual beliefs, which in extreme moments or emergencies, emerge.
The Archangels are defined as energies of light, it is the way of arrival to what we know as God.

What are the 7 Archangels? What gift do they give us?


Emotional Perfume 7 ARCHANGELS

The scent of the wind, the sky, open spaces, the color blue, infinity, a breath of fresh air … a pure, crystalline vibration. This is how this fragrance feels.

It contains Natural Extracts that represent the forces of each one of them.
Components: Natural Extracts of Salvia, Vanilla, and Bamboo.
An aroma that conveys a pleasant sensation of serenity. The wonder of this produts is activated thanks to Angelica’s Floral Essence.

The Angelica Archangélica plant

The legend says that during the Middle Ages the Archangel Gabriel appeared several times to men during the cholera and plague epidemics to tell them to use angelica to stop evil.
Paracelsus, the great Swiss physician, mixed the root with wine that he gave to the sick. It is said that Paracelsus was impressed by the results and baptized it, root of the angels. In this way we find angelica in many ancient liqueurs, such as Benedictine liqueur, chartreuse.

Floral Essence of: ANGELICA Spiritual Protection
For people who feel isolated and abandoned.
Major floral elixir, which is recommended in crisis situations and whenever life is at stake.
Strengthens confidence in life and brings strength and mental vigor when the future is uncertain.
It is from the California Flower System and New Generation.
Use the Emotional Perfume every time we feel anxious, restless, scared or as a form of protection.

Emotional perfumes and Creamy Foam Bath, what you need to feel good and protected.

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