Improving the home climate and protecting health.

The ultrasonic humidifier is capable of detecting the level of water in the environment and releases steam when deemed necessary, in order to maintain the amount of humidity that the space needs.
Yale University published that the relative humidity of the home between 40% and 60%, approximately, can help fight the virus. A figure that can be endangered in summer by the increase in temperatures and the use of air conditioners, and in winter by heating. Reasons that will make the humidifier the new essential in your home, businesses, offices and all spaces.

Many are the experts who insist on the importance of maintaining a suitable atmosphere at home, especially if there are babies or small children living in it. One of the key factors is humidity, which helps reduce the risk of infections and relieve irritation in the respiratory tract, as well as improve the hydration and radiance of the skin, especially if it tends to dryness.
Humidifiers are not only decorative, but also improve the home climate and if we use antiseptic or antiviral essential oils.
An easy and simple way to apply the qualities of Essential Oils to the environment.
Using water and a few droplets, they purify and humidify the air, eliminating impurities and pollutants by releasing negative ions.
The ultrasonic function combines the mixture of water and Pure Essential Oils into thousands of micro-particles by evaporating it, achieving unique benefits

Air purifier: The negative ions generated remove particles such as pollutants, bacteria, dust, smoke and viruses that cannot be removed by conventional air purifier filters.
Aromatherapy: is the use of essential oils for the benefit of Health.
During this month we will be able to receive the qualities of essential oils to change moods and produce pleasant atmospheres.
Use Lavender when we feel restless or tense.
Eucalyptus is a great antiseptic and antibacterial. It also helps to achieve balance. It is antiviral

Tea Tree is an essential oil that is used as an antiviral and antibacterial. Cleanses the atmosphere

Palo Santo gives the environment a shield of protection and its aroma creates an ideal space to develop peace and calm.

Use citrus fruits in the morning and Manzanilla or Melisa at night.
Our lines contain pure essential oils and now we have an option to combine Aromas and Colors while taking care of Health.

Within the Lines, there is a special product with Palo Santo and other wonderful flower essences.
Palo Santo, the tree and the aroma that protects and heals.

Palo Santo, the tree and the aroma that protects and heals.

PALO SANTO is a tree that can reach between 6 and 20 meters in height, belonging to the Bulnesia Sarmientoi species. It is a tree that grows in part of the Gran Chaco in South America, between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Its wood has a very characteristic, pleasant, intense and penetrating smell.
The origin of the palo santo is very ancient, the Incas used it in their religious-spiritual rituals as a tool to attract good luck, ward off any sign of negativity and as a means of achieving better spiritual communication with their gods.
The Shamans currently and everyone who has beliefs and spiritual openness, know its benefits and burning that wood, the spaces are cleaned of all negativity.
Its multiple benefits make it a perfect energy cleanser, all due to substances such as Limonene, an active principle present in a high percentage in its trunk; that belongs to the family of solvents or turpentines, which are responsible for cleaning, both physical and spiritual. Turpentine has a special, penetrating and purifying aroma. Many authors and researchers consider it a facilitator to guide people towards the sacred, the “indescribable”, permeating the environment with a sense of harmony, peace and tranquility.

Let’s see how to use Palo Santo, which is a Sacred Aroma that will help us clean, open paths and liberate our environments and our lives.

Room Fragrance / Ambient Air Freshener
Palo Santo Essential Oil
Flower Essences: Saint John’s Wort and Rock Rose Flower Essence

Post written by Dr. Gabriela Paz

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