Overcome stress with Vanilla Sugar Silk

“Aromacolorterapia” has different tools to make us feel good. The excellent properties of the sensory fragrances of the Vanilla scent range are allies for personal sensitivity, because bring pleasure, relaxation and beauty. It ‘s a great anti-stress as a muscle relaxant.

Everyday stress, demands, and nervous tension provoke physical reactions. The state of stress is a natural reaction to danger. That in general is linked to the mental state of the perception of it, which will depend on each person. These are complex times and it’s very important to keep calm at least in mind in order to overcome so many current challenges.

How we can get solutions?
Clearly we can take care of ourselves and strengthen our immunity. “Aromacolorterapia” is the first cosmetic for emotional and corporal well-being. By using our products, such as Vanilla Bosy Splash, we can receive its benefits, both by smell and by the flower essences that compose it.

The release of neurotransmitters, such as Endorphin, has been proven to strengthen the defenses of the body and the entire organism. The people secrete Endorphins when feel pleasure and joy. Vanilla, especially, is the great stimulus for making and releasing endorphins.

Also together the strength of flower essences create a unique synergy in their energy network: the strength of Manzanita that also helps to be gentle and careful with your body, Lily that releases desires, Blue Violet: stimulates self-esteem and we add to Gorse that helps express the inner light, hope and spring rebirth of the soul.

Use several times a day to feel serenity, strength and vitality. Three states that together are a favorable impact to reinforce the organic defense system and the constructive force of the mind.

Post written by Dr. Gabriela Paz

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