Sunmelon Papaya: a bridge to Power

The Fruit Harmonies of Universo Garden Angels are special products for enjoy, since they stimulate the vital energy.

Sunmelon Papaya, with its beautiful aroma, allows us to trust in personal strength, stimulating courage and decision.

Its fruit extracts and  aromatic notes of Lemon, Melon, Apple, Orange, Papaya and Peach, give sweetness and freshness to activate the vitality needed to shape and materialize dreams and desires.

Fruit aromas are great stimulants that produce increased vitality and enthusiasm.

Specially in this line, a combination that refreshes and gives sweetness at the same time. 

Two necessary states for anyone who has dreams and want to make them come true.

To specify and release the delays that prevent feeling full. Whenever doubts invade the mind or the force diminishes, using the line vaporizing on the body with the Body Splash will be the secret that will give power and personal magnetism.

Its flower essences, such as Rosa Tea, which acts from the heart, generate openness and decision. Strength and confidence. Joy and encouragement.

Contains the Echinacea Flower Essence that allows you to release limitations and lack of confidence by not trusting in personal value.

The floral essence of Frutilla grants purity and liberation of negative ideas or sensations that diminish personal power.

Place it on the whole body, after the bath or whenever you feel doubts or to carry out creative visualizations or meditations to activate the force that can turn the dreams and desires of the heart come true.

Post written by Dr. Gabriela Paz

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