The power of Nature to protect Health

Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy are the bases of the Aromacolorterapia proposals. Essential Oils such as Eucalyptus, Pine, Rosemary, Lavender, Tea Tree among others, are the vital Ritual for your well-being and health.

Spray to spray in environments or on the wrists.
We can also use them in a handkerchief and place it under the pillow, in cases of convalescence from respiratory diseases, for example.
• Refreshes and decongests the respiratory tract.
• Clears the mind.
• Contains pure active ingredients that are natural bactericides such as menthol, eucalyptus and camphor.

ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL:Physical, mental and emotional stimulant, improves circulation and activates memory.
CAMPHOR: It is a balsamic product.
MENTHOL: is a great upper respiratory decongestant.

We propose an alchemical ritual for your well-being and health.

Revitalizing and Sanitizing Ritual
1- Place 3 drops of the Green Balm- Bálsamo verde (mixture of essential oils that are used to calm headaches, mental dullness or exhaustion) put it in the palm of the right hand, with the middle finger of the left hand, them put on the hand some drops , doing circular massages on temples.

You will feel relief from worries and headaches.

2- In mineral water yuo can put 25 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil in a spray bottle (50 cm3) and spray at home several times a day.
A climate of freshness, cleanliness, balance and purity will be created.

3- Sitting on a chair with your feet resting on the floor or on the floor with crossed legs, open your arms with your palms up, place Bio Remedy Eucaplus on your palms.
Raise them until they join them over the head (arms outstretched), lower the stretched arms, palms up, up to the height of the shoulders, raise and lower them again with the intention of cleaning the environment and thus the thorax will open improving respiratory function.
Repeat it between 3 and 7 times. Taking in air when the arms are stretched out in the cross and exhaling when the palms come to join the arms stretched out, above your head.

You will feel strength, energy and vitality. It will also protect health in a comprehensive way.

Post written by Dra Gabriela Paz

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