Therapeutic and wellness baths with Aromacolorterapia

Since ancient times, baths with plants or essential oils were used to alleviate the symptoms of some diseases or ailments, since at first it was in nature where humanity found all the necessary elements to help your body heal and balance emotions.

At the time of bathing, the skin absorbs the natural properties of the herbs, essential oils and herbal extracts that we place in it, stimulating circulation and relaxing the muscles.

Also, as the active principles evaporate, their aroma will also enter our body through the respiratory tract, increasing the therapeutic and medicinal properties. Stimulating the sense of smell.

Through these three routes, skin, respiratory system and nervous system, the entry of the benefits of each chosen essential oil, will lead people in a pleasant way to emotional balance and the relief of different ailments.

Bath with Lily of the Valley
Floral harmony is the line that connects us with the values ​​of the soul and the subtle force of the high energy of the beauty of flowers.

With this proposal we give a new impulse to the softness of the feelings to express true beauty, which always comes from within the being.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is an aphrodisiac and antidepressant.

Its beautiful aroma is very attractive, being the essential oil preferred by French perfumers to make the best fragrances.

It improves the mood, lifts the spirit and protects the skin. As for the emotional effects, it calms fears and for people who, because they are very tense or scared, have increases in blood pressure, usually called high
emotional pressure.

To do a soak bath: start by filling your bathtub with warm to hot water to a medium height. The heat of the water will produce a relaxing effect on the body, soothe the muscles and quiet your mind.

Then place two tablespoons of Lily's bath gel and stay a few minutes (always less than 20)

It can also be used on a sponge and make a bath in the shower.

The beneficial effect will be felt immediately.

Post written by Dra Gabriela Paz

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